About Nanny Cathy

TreatsbyNannyCathy was inspired by my first granddaughter Teaghan. She has always called me Nanny Cathy and asks frequently during her visits for a chocolate treat.

I was remarried in October of 2010. I was searching for something special to offer wedding guests in the form of a chocolate favor. I was unsuccessful in my attempt to find any locally so sought help from a favorite Aunt who had experience making chocolates. She showed me the basics of chocolate making.

Over the course of a busy lifetime of baking and cooking for Family, Friends and the General Public. I have enjoyed the love of experimenting with flavors, colors etc. Applying this love to chocolate seemed to be natural and normal for me. Since October 2010 Family and Friends have encouraged me to start a chocolate business and open a shop where they could purchase my products.

I was fortunate to have studied in the nursing field which has given me a keen sense of the importance of offering a clean environment and a clean and tasty product.

During the course of experimentation with chocolate and fillings I have developed a few GLUTEN FREE AND SUGAR FREE PRODUCTS perfect for those with sensitivities to Gluten and Diabetics.

- Nanny Cathy